Merry Christmas everyone

Merry Christmas everyone
with the love of my life, George

What am I doing writing a blog?

Quilting is one of the few places in my life where all the corners meet and stay put. On this blog I plan to ruminate about quilting and life, the quilted life, cat and quilts, and any old thing that falls in and out of my brain. I'd be pleased to hear from you on all of this or any topic of interest!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The living creatures around this house

Just a brief introduction to the other creatures living in this house of ours. Buster is our 15 year old male orange American shorthair tabby cat. He eats chicken and tuna and occasional will deign to eat dry cat food. Loves his milk and his naps! Vinnie is our 4 year old male grey and black tabby. Vinnie eats any and everything! They keep each other young and keep us laughing. Vinnie is sitting on one of the hot water heat registers in our 90+ year old house, keeping warm on this cold, cold day. Buster is in his favorite chair in the bedroom or in George's office.

Both cats found us, not the other way around. I have this theory that when you speak the words, "I think we need a cat." out loud, the Cat Gods send one down. We feel very honored to share our lives with them.

The other hairy guy in this post is my beloved, doing one of the things he does best and most, cooking something delicious, in this picture spinach lasagne with homemade noodles from a pasta making party we had last month. More on George later when I clear with him how much he wants to be present on this blog. I love all my guys! and I sleep with all of them, sometimes simaltaneously!

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