Merry Christmas everyone

Merry Christmas everyone
with the love of my life, George

What am I doing writing a blog?

Quilting is one of the few places in my life where all the corners meet and stay put. On this blog I plan to ruminate about quilting and life, the quilted life, cat and quilts, and any old thing that falls in and out of my brain. I'd be pleased to hear from you on all of this or any topic of interest!

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Monday, June 18, 2012

It's good to stretch and try something new

This is the summer of weddings, traveling, and traveling to weddings for the Leiner household and it begins very soon. Two weekends ago,we were at the Gettysburg Festival looking for consignors for the Museum Shop. This weekend we will be in Baltimore visiting George's Aunt Barbara. Then next Friday we leave for a week of Wyatt duty in Northern California! Once we get home, my mom and stepdad will be with us for five days and then we all pile into the car and drive to the Chicago suburbs for the first wedding event - a bridal shower for my niece Angie and her beau, Zach. It's home again on the 15th, hang around for a few weeks and head back to Illinois (this time Moline) for the wedding. Go home again and then a month later, head out to Southern California for my nephew Alex's wedding to his sweetie Sarah. So, I needed a shower gift to start out, right? As you may recall, I give all the nieces and nephews wedding quilts, usually some time after the wedding. And both couples will get quilts as their wedding gifts but Angie is getting something special! Years ago, my sister, Bev (Angie's mom) asked me to make Angie a t-shirt quilt with all her many, many tees. I said yes and put the tees away in the basement where they would nag me every once in awhile. I had also been thinking about making a reverse seam rag quilt and decided this was a good occasion to honor my commitment to my sister and make a shower gift with special meaning. So it is done. A few thoughts come to mind. 1) wow - it sure went together quickly. 2) never should have chosen red flannel; even though I washed it several times, it still ran and now all white areas are faintly pink. 3) while the quilt is cute and neat and meaningful, not to mention technically fine, I just don't really like the style. Too much chaos. You wash the quilt several time after finishing it to give it that ragged look and I like my finished quilts looking shiny and new, I guess! Here are some pictures:

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